Familiar Faces on Campus: New Opportunities for Faculty and Students

As the Fall 2021 semester begins, many faculty and staff members moved into new positions and some recently graduated students moved into working positions here on campus. Here are some words from these individuals on their new job opportunities.

Stephanie Billy

New Position: Coordinator of Support Services, The Lighthouse

“The strong sense of community among the faculty, students, and administration continues to remain steadfast as I look ahead to my new role as Coordinator of Support Services in The Lighthouse. I aspire to continue supporting current students in ways that provide opportunity to think ‘outside the box’ and engage in high impact practices that will lead toward their respective personal, academic, and professional goals.” 

Stephen Leist

New Position: Head Librarian, Hofheimer Library

“Becoming Head Librarian at the start of the fall semester has opened an exciting new phase for me in how I, along with the other librarians, support the research needs of the campus community.  As Head Librarian, I still participate in research instruction for classes and meet individually to provide research help.”

Ashley Roehrman

New Position: Coordinator of Advancement Events, Office of Advancement

“I am grateful to be back at VWU! It feels like being right at home. I have mentors here that care about me, and I’m lucky to be in this environment as I navigate post-grad life and learn and gather experience in the professional world.” 

Malleri Santiago

New Position:AdministrativeAssistant to the Vice President for Enrollment, Office of Enrollment

“I have been involved with VWU since I was 12 years old since my dad works here. I just started my 14th year with VWU in a new position, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment. I’m happy to begin this new journey and excited to learn even more about VWU.”

Crit Muniz

New Position: Director of the Learning Center, Learning Center

 “I am excited to now be the Director of the Learning Center. Currently Disability Services, the Test Center, Tutoring, and general oversight of the Learning Center fall under my job. Also I continue to be a First Year advisor and the Men’s Lacrosse Faculty Team Advisor. For students, there won’t be much of a change. All students should feel free to come up to see me if they are looking for academic assistance.”

Travis Malone

New Position: Dean of the Batten Honors College, Batten Honors College

 “I am excited to build on the fantastic foundation of the Batten Honors College. From combating climate change to addressing issues of equality and social justice, our students will have the opportunity to build the skills and understanding to meet the challenges of our time.”

Anja Serby-Wilkens

New Position:Administrative Assistant to the President, Office of the President

“I moved from the Center for Enrollment Services to the Office of the President in late June, and it has been a busy and interesting time! I get to see first-hand what it takes to lead our campus community, and I’m honored to be a part of the team in Dr. Miller’s office. Go Marlins!”

Andrew Taylor

New Position: Village Coordinator, Residence Life

“I am truly excited to be the Village Coordinator for Bray and Allen villages. It’s not very different from being a Resident Assistant but I feel more like an adult. It’s an honor and a privilege to work here at VWU!”

By Lauren Faulkner