Females in the spotlight respond to hate

In today’s society, women in the media are heavily judged, examined and criticized for anything they do, and it certainly seems they’re also criticized for being who they are. Women who receive a lot of backlash within social media and society are celebrities like singers and actresses. Given their strong and crazy following across all their social media accounts, it’s no wonder they receive the criticism that they do. They spend most of their time broadcasting their lives for millions of people to see and, unfortunately, there are negative repercussions.

However, a few celebrities that have turned destructive and damaging situations into something positive, such as singer Demi Lovato, rapper Cardi B and actress Priyanka Chopra. Demi Lovato is no stranger to the heavy comments people leave on her accounts, whether its Instagram or Twitter. Since she has struggled with her weight and mental illness, being in the spotlight hasn’t always been a great experience for her. Recently, she took matters into her own hands and posted many pictures on her Instagram account detailing how she doesn’t care what people say about her appearance. Each of these pictures featured Lovato showing skin and stretch marks. Regardless of what society may think about these little details, she still loves herself and what she looks like. By posting these pictures, she hoped to show that women and girls should embrace who they are and what they look like. Lovato’s open approach was received well by her fans and the public, all praising her for the overall approach of choosing to talk about her faults and putting them on display, rather than hiding behind a phone screen.

Rapper Cardi B is also no stranger to negative comments. Given the release of her new album earlier this month, she has all eyes on her. What has also caught people’s attention is the fact that she’s pregnant. At the height of her career, Cardi B is being told that having a baby at this point in time would only hinder her livelihood more than anything else. She hit back by asking why a baby should be a bad thing? Why should her child be seen as something negative when it should be considered a blessing?

Given what these two ladies have dealt with, it’s relieving to see that they’ve fought back. They didn’t let comments here and there bring them down, but instead started using them to their advantage or asking their own questions. I believe by showing that it doesn’t affect them and voicing their opinions helps them influence their many fans and admirers in a positive way. They are creating a positive image not just for the public, but for themselves as well. They are only confirming with themselves and the rest of the world that they are able to rise above all the bad and the ugly.

Aside from being judged by the public, women are being judged by the industry they work for as well. Actress Priyanka Chopra is most recognized for her work on the ABC show Quantico and her work on Bollywood films. She has only just branched into the American acting scene and said she has a harder time securing jobs due to her skin color. In an interview, she recalled a situation in which she had not gotten a part in a movie due to her not having the physicality that they wanted. Again, Chopra is known for many things, including her status in the Indian entertainment industry. If she is being criticized for what she looks like, then it’s definitely because she’s naturally darker than other actresses.

It’s crazy to think that even within the industry you work with such as the entertainment industry, some women can’t escape from being chastised for who they are. It’s a shame that Priyanka Chopra had to lose her chance at a job because she looks a certain way, that Demi Lovato has to continuously reaffirm that it’s okay to love yourself and that Cardi B has to prove that her career shouldn’t be put in the same category as her own baby. Fortunately, with women like these three ladies in the media, they can only bring an optimistic outlook for others to hopefully follow.

Marlyn Silva