“Fired Up”

By Kellie Lagoy

The past few years haven’t been the easiest for Virginia Wesleyan’s women’s lacrosse program, but the start of a new season holds high hopes and dedication.

Head coach Meagan DiCave knows what her team is capable of, and she isn’t one to let anyone tell her otherwise. When the ODAC preseason poll was released, she wasn’t fazed by the low placement.

“I think, if anything, it just gets you fired up. We are seventh out of eleventh. My seniors aren’t pleased. I think they’re angry about that. So I think it’s more to get them fired up and get them excited for season. Those polls don’t matter to me because on any given night anybody could be anybody and anyone could win,” DiCave said.

Spring season is going to be a new test for this Marlin squad. DiCave has expectations and goals for her team. Like any coach, the former All-American wants to see her team succeed on the lacrosse field every game. With a team that has seen struggles, though, winning isn’t the only achievement that can be made this season.

“Well, I think everyone wants to win. You know you want to win ODAC, and you want to go to the NCAA tournament, because you want to win a national championship. That’s the ultimate goal, obviously. We’ve been building for the last couple of years, and I think we will still be doing that for a couple more years. I think if there was a year that we could do something big, I think this would be the year. The leadership we have with the six seniors is strong. Wins and losses, I think are important, but as long as we are progressing and every day we are getting better, that’s what matters most to me,” DiCave said.

This coach plans to make changes herself. Being responsible for the success of a team can be stressful, but DiCave knows that the stress isn’t always necessary. A new mindset is all that it can take to see big changes.

“I dwell a little too much and I take things more to heart than I should at times. So for me, it’s just about breathing a little bit this year and staying positive whether it’s a win or a loss,” DiCave said.

One thing can be said about the members of this Marlins team: they love what they do and they love each other. Family is a large part of this squad’s values, and it is a large part of why the players believe they can be successful this season.

“My girls say that family is very important. The team bond and family shows leaps and bounds off of the field. I think if you establish that it will show itself on the field,” DiCave said.

The Marlins start their journey on Valentine’s Day at St. Mary’s in Maryland.