Fortnite fortitude

Fortnite coaches: ridiculous and just why.

Ah video games, one of the favorite pass times of the last few generations.  It is amazing how far they have come in such a short period of time. We started out with computer games and going to arcades, then in the 90’s we transitioned into the era of gaming consoles. This era took the world by storm and has continued to do so ever since its inception. With the evolution of gaming machines also comes the evolution of games themselves. Whether these updates come in the form of graphics enhancements, different modes of gameplay or the expansion gaming lore, it does not matter. These changes will continue on and on for years to come.

As previously mentioned, as the video gaming era continues on, we will continue to see changes in the styles of gameplay.  One new trend that has recently popped up in the last few years is the idea of having coaches or trainers who will teach paying customers how to play specific games. I assume this kind of work was the dream of most gamers during our childhoods.  These coaches can make thousands of dollars performing this kind of labor. One game specifically has recently garnered attention with this trend: Fortnite. For those who do not know what Fortnite is; it is a fairly new game that released back in 2017 that popularized the “battle royale” and “last man standing” genres. For all those who have been gaming for years, it is a well-known fact that “battle royale” games existed many years prior to Fortnite’s creation. They just were not as popular back then.

Returning to the earlier point of Fortnite coaches, I would like people to run that concept through their minds. Then they should ask themselves, why do we even have this as a career? In this day and age, it is understandable that new careers are popping in places we never thought possible. However, I have been a gamer for most of my life and I do not understand the point of having people to train you how to play a video game.  What ever happened to the thrill of learning to play video games on one’s own? That constant urge to grind out games for hours and hours, just so you can become a better player than your friends. When I was a kid, the closest thing we had to video game coaches was our best friends (if we had any) who may have already known how to play. If you are truly a gamer, then where is your gamers pride? We all have to start somewhere and learn from scratch how to play video games, but how do you want to learn? Would you prefer paying someone to teach you or do would like to ask a friend or figure out on your own?

Another major reason the concept of video game coaches is ridiculous is that, in most cases, we pay so much money just to get a copy of a game. You spend all that money and then you want to go spend more to have someone give you tips? I know that games such as Fortnite are free-to-play, but like I said earlier, where is your gamers pride?

Finally, I feel as though having a coach would put too much pressure on the players being coached. Even if you play in video game tournaments, you do not require a person shouting in your ear to do better. The best teachers in video games is epic failure and hours of gameplay. Off topic, but this does not mean that one should ignore their life and just play video games, though I am sure many people will disagree with that statement.

Bottom line, video games are meant to be a source of fun and entertainment for gamers, just as sports are for athletes and athletic fans. Their concept should not be ruined by those who refuse to learn how to play a game themselves and think paying someone to teach them is more logical. Video games offer many benefits that you can reap with or without outside assistance. Enjoy the games even if you have to start off as a total loser and work your way up. Do not be a sore loser who is only obsessed with winning.

Jonathan Joyner