Freshman star power

Anthony Dellamura | Marlin Chronicle
Anthony Dellamura | Marlin Chronicle

By Courtney Herrick

Freshman Megan Schallock, a VWC Women’s Lacrosse player, is a force to be reckoned with. Her time here at Virginia Wesleyan has been short, but she has already begun making her mark. Schallock is currently in third place in the ODAC with 45 points made. She also leads with 44 goals made. Her free position goal-shot record puts her in second in the conference with a 10-23 record. The women’s lacrosse team has played thirteen games so far and Schallock has started in every game.

The Waukesha, Wisconsin, native played lacrosse during all four of her years at Mukwonago High School. She also played softball, soccer and basketball for Mukwonago.

As a high school student-athlete, she was awarded 2014 Wisconsin high school player of the year in lacrosse, with a record of 182 goals and 53 career assists. She was also given the award of four-time most valuable player honoree for Mukwonago in lacrosse.

Division III might not be the first choice for most people with a record like hers, but Schallock chose Virginia Wesleyan’s Division III athletics program because she wanted a balance of personal, academic and athletic life.

“I wanted a life; I didn’t want my life to be completely around lacrosse. I wanted to meet new people and to not have to just hang out with my teammates all of the time,” Schallock said.

In Division III athletics, students are able to focus intensely on their academics, while being athletes on the side. Finding the right balance between athletics and academics can be important, though, even at a Division III school.

“Sometimes it’s difficult being a student-athlete because, I have to stay up later, but I had to do that in high school too, so it’s not that big of a deal.” She is determined to continue being a student-athlete for the rest of her time as a Marlin.

She is a Presidential Scholarship recipient and a member of the Dean’s List for fall 2014. Finding the balance between being a student and an athlete does not seem to have been too difficult for her thus far.

Finding her place on the field has also not been a difficult task for her during her time here.

“She’s showing great capability to be a dynamic player on both ends of the field,” Kelly Jacobson, senior and fellow lacrosse player, said.

Schallock currently plays midfield for the Women’s Lacrosse team. She said her midfield position allows her to have great range on the field. She is able to play both attack and defense as a midfielder.

“I get a little bit of everything being in that position,” she said.

Having Schallock as a midfielder allows her to be a versatile player and a strong addition to the attacking power. Her teammate, junior goalkeeper Madison Carroll, said that she has been a great addition to the already talented squad.

“We are lucky to have a very talented group of attackers and I think adding Megan to the mix this year has made them even stronger,” said Carroll.

Senior Candace Carey plays the same position Schallock does and can see her dedication on the field.

“I appreciate her hustle and ability to stand out even though I personally know how tired she is and how hard it is to do all that we do and not just become another body on the field,” Carey said.

Preparation before games can be a tedious task for many athletes. Schallock has a routine she uses when preparing for games. She finds that music gets her pumped up before a game and allows her to get mentally prepared for what is to come.

“Before games, I listen to my music. I listen to songs that mean something to me,” she said.

Her dedication and attitude on the field has caught the attention of her teammates, and, more importantly, her head coach, Meagan DiCave.

“She’s got a great attitude, she’s positive. She’s got a great work ethic,” DiCave said.

Carroll has witnessed Schallock’s positive vibes as a student-athlete firsthand.

“Megan is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, on and off the field,” Carroll said. “You never seen her without a smile on her face.”

Carroll has also noticed just how well Megan fits in with the group and has adapted to being a productive player.

“I have known Megan since last year when she came on her recruiting trip, and we all knew right away that she fit in perfectly with our team. The best thing about playing with Megan is that you know that every game or practice, she is putting her all into it,” Carroll said.

Schallock’s mental and physical determination on the field have proven to be contagious to her teammates.

“It’s hard for that type of mental and physical determination to not be contagious and spread positively through our team,” Carroll said.

Schallock and her teammates have worked hard this season to improve on past years. Currently, they hold a 8-5 overall record for the season. The losses the group has encountered have not seemed to cause too big of an impact. The players still managed to score goals against Lynchburg College and Guilford College. Those two colleges were considered their biggest competition last season, according to Coach DiCave.

“As a whole, we are growing. I do not think we are at our best yet and I do not think anyone has seen our best yet. All I can ask is that they do grow every day and that we progress and move forward, and they have been doing a heck of a job by doing that,” DiCave said.

The lacrosse players have improved dramatically this season, with hopes of postseason play in their hearts. Thirteen games into the season and they have tallied 167 goals. This is the second highest amount of goals in the conference among the other ten teams.

“Our schedule doesn’t get any easier, but I think it does get more exciting,” said DiCave.

The coach said that fans, parents and students alike will be surprised at how much the players have grown.

“I have a great team, and I think everyone plays their role and I think Megan’s been a great support,” DiCave said.

The Women’s Lacrosse team is set to play at Roanoke College on April 10, and will play Meredith College at home two days later. Once those games are complete, the team will face the third ranked team in the ODAC: Randolph-Macon.