“Get to The Plot” Passing the political fluff

Shay Mills
Opinions Editor

During my freshman year, my best friend Michele had a boyfriend who always told interesting stories. However, that is not what this is about. One day, as he was telling a dreadful, overly detailed story, my best friend suddenly yelled out “get to the plot!” Along with laughing at his embarrassment, I began thinking about our society, and how sugar-coated and dreadfully over-detailed our government can be. I then made a conscious decision to always get straight to the point with anything I write, discuss, debate or even think about. We live in a world where news travels as fast as light and viral videos make people more money than curing diseases—this means that the opinions we form and publicly discuss no longer need to be fluffed up with superfluous garbage created to sooth conservative House members and over-the-hill constituents. Too much goes on in the world, let alone in America, that the general public is either unaware of or confused about, because the government has not been straightforward with our generation since 9/11. Being politically remedial was acceptable during our middle- and high-school years, because we had our parents taking care of us and taxes meant nothing but extra money charged on food and clothing purchases. Now that we are college students, it is important that we become aware of the political processes and theories that now directly affect us. You may find it boring now, but you won’t find the government as irrelevant when your financial aid is decreased due to budget cuts. Long story short, the only way we will ever know what is really going on in our own society is if we get straight to the heart of the artichoke we call politics. That is what this is about and that is what I am here for. No more sugar-coating and no more beating around the bush. Half of our generation knows the truth and if I am the first person bold enough to spread it then so be it. However, I guarantee you I will not be the last. Welcome to getting to the plot.