Glow Party Sparks Fun Event

Glow Party, a traditional event hosted for incoming freshmen during Marlin Nation Orientation, made a comeback to the campus on Friday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. in the Cunningham Multi-Activity Center. 

Now hosted for all Virginia Wesleyan students on campus, students were able to grab a set of headphones that can switch between three different stations planned by one DJ that was welcomed to campus. Throughout the night, students can change between the different types of music that the different stations were playing, whether it be on channel red, green or blue. 

In order to attend the event, students were reminded that they would be required to wear facial coverings for the entirety of the event as well as to bring their student ID. Once at the event, students were handed a headset and headed into the dark CMAC where different types of strobe lights were being used throughout the venue. 

Some students, including Erika Eichelberger, a current sophomore, struggled to pick between one DJ since so many great and current songs were played on different channels. If students had a particular song in mind, they could request a song by text to the DJ to add to the playlist. 

“Glow Party was a great experience back from last year where the event was cancelled to COVID-19. It allowed me to reconnect with my friends and experience a great tradition here on campus,” said Devin Calpo, a current junior at Virginia Wesleyan, who was able to attend the event with multiple friends.

By: Lauren Faulkner