Go to Batten for the action

Staff Writer

They are everywhere, little people running around in the convocation center, the CMAC, and the dance studio. Batten looks like an elementary-school playground during weeknights, and the community wants answers.
Many of the areas in Batten are used by sports teams in unfavorable weather. This cuts back on the space non-athlete students can use for recreation.
The Batten Center allows different organizations and churches to use its facilities. A local church uses the dance studio at least once a week to have praise-dance rehearsal. However, VWC has a dance team who also needs the dance studio.
Avriana Chavez, a member of the dance team, said: “The praise-dance rehearsals put us to a disadvantage because our practice time gets cut and then we have to go into overtime and sometimes that makes us have more practices for even longer.”
Randy Lott, a member of the men’s track and field team, said: “I don’t like having to find a new workout space when my team already has a set spot and time at the indoor track. In my opinion, I don’t like having to share our school with a lot of outside organizations.”
“I usually work out in the Fitness Center but when that area is over-occupied by people with nowhere else to go, I work out in my dorm room” said freshman Kennisha Mason.
Lott said, “I think that the school should have organizations come to campus on Saturday and Sunday instead of Monday through Friday, to cut back on students losing their facilities.”