Hampton Roads’ Easter Bunny

This Easter was a special one for the City of Virginia Beach as they gained a special Easter treat in introducing their own honorary Easter Bunny, Junior. Junior is the largest rabbit known in America.

The Bunny Hutch, located at 1165 Jenson Road in Virginia Beach, is home to many exotic reptiles, amphibians and mammals that are available for adoption and viewing during the week.  This organization rescues exotic animals of all kinds that are not allowed in the local shelters around the area. They rehabilitate the animals so they can be adopted or sent to zoos for the remainder of their life.  However, there is one special animal at The Bunny Hutch that is not available for adoption, and that would be Junior.

Junior was donated to The Bunny Hutch by Annette Edwards, who owned the Guinness Book of World Records largest rabbit in the world, King Darius.  Junior was named the Easter Bunny of Virginia Beach by the city a month ago for his dedication as the Ambassador for Children’s Literacy in the area. This award also recognizes all the work The Bunny Hutch does for the community.  The Bunny Hutch welcomes children in the Virginia Beach area who live in smaller homes or apartments that are unable to house pets to come and visit with the animals and have story time with Junior himself.  

Junior received his permanent title as the Honorary Easter Bunny for the City of Virginia Beach because of the dedication he has for the community and the children of Virginia Beach.

At two years old, Junior is 4 feet 6 inches long and 52 pounds and is still continuously growing. The Bunny Hutch holds what they call the “Chocolate Bunny Pledge” where people can go online to give money to help feed Junior. Junior’s diet includes 32 cups of cut vegetables, 4-6 cups of bunny kibble, 4-6 pounds of fresh hay and enrichments, which costs around $50.00 a week to feed him.

Anyone who is interested in participating in Junior’s pledge, or just interested in more about with Junior, may visit Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram under “The Bunny Hutch” to learn more about Junior and the organization.

Dr. Angela Maxwell, better known as Max, is the founder and CEO of The Bunny Hutch. Maxwell welcomes volunteers, and interns are encouraged to come and help the crew at The Bunny Hutch. Maxwell welcomes all majors who desire to come and intern at The Bunny Hutch, and she is looking for a few more this summer and fall season.

Brianna Clarkson

(photos: Brianna Clarkson | Marlin Chronicle)