How to Avoid Education Burnout

How to avoid education burnout:

  •     Have 3 achievable goals a day

o   Between work, practices and school, it can get super easy to have a giant list of tasks to accomplish. Unless you’re superhuman, it’s unrealistic to get everything done in a day so try to set small goals that are both achievable and doable

  •     Attempt to leave one day a week open 

o   With the busy work week, it can feel overwhelming doing something nearly every day trying to catch up on tasks. Having a day open, for instance a Saturday or Sunday can benefit yourself both mentally and emotionally. 

  •     Recognize when you’re at your emotional limits

o   Life happens. There’s no point in forcing yourself to get work done when you’re unable to comprehend the study material. It doesn’t benefit anyone. 

  •     Learn how to say no

o   People will ask you for your time and sometimes you’ll feel a little spread thin, especially if you’re juggling a lot of extracurriculars. Know when to step back and say no. 

  •     Take care of yourself physically 

o   This may look different for everyone, but some suggestions are to work out, take breaks, go for a walks, get enough sleep and eat healthy 

  •     Make a study plan beforehand 

o   It can be daunting to see at how much work and effort you might need to put into a class but by spreading out everything evenly, it’ll prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. 

  •     Learn how to ask for help

o   It’s totally okay to ask for help! Everyone will need it at point in time. A great place to start would be the Learning Center. 

  •     Celebrate your accomplishments 

o   Celebrate those wins! Did great on that exam you were stressed about? Take a night off and watch some Netflix, you deserve it. 

  •     Never forget your hobbies 

o   We all have something that helps during the tough times and to keep us sane. Keep up with your hobbies. 

  •     Log off from time to time 

o   Disconnect to connect. It can be mentally draining to be constantly on social media and checking emails. Taking a break does wonders for your mental health.

Emily Uzzie