Introducing intramurals

Staff Writer

Intramurals are an exciting way to get fit and have some fun on campus. RecX provides students opportunities to become athletically involved without the commitment of joining a team.
RecX is providing many opportunities this fall for Marlins to create camaraderie, participate in sports and become active in the Wesleyan community. Some of RecX’s most popular intramural opportunities include flag football, basketball, wiffle ball and billiards.
RecX has a simple process to get involved. To become a part of intramurals, stop by the RecX office and ask for a sign-up sheet for the sports that intrigue you. If you are not part of a team, ask for a free-agent sign-up sheet and you will be assigned to a team.
Flag football season is well underway. Regular season games are held outside of Village II’s parking lot and the championship game is always held under the big lights of our Trinder field. The co-ed flag football season is very competitive and provides equal opportunity for females interested in football. To ensure equality, one of the rules states that the plays must alternate gender each play so that the game is not dominated by one gender. Even though Wesleyan does not have a football team, RecX provides the student body with an intense intramural football opportunity.
“I definitely have to be a part of flag football this year. I wanted to play last year, but I had a schedule conflict with a science class,” said Senior Eric Walker. “This year I will definitely be out there. It looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to enjoy the friendly competition.”
Eric is majoring in Biology, recently took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). His participation is a prime example of RecX’s primary goal of providing athletic options for those who have tough schedules and just want to compete, create friendships and find relief from a strenuous class schedule.

“Last year, flag football was a lot of fun,” said Senior Dustin Holland. “It was something I looked forward to during the evenings because of the competition, and it was a great workout that helped me further develop my exercise plans.”

The 3 V 3 basketball intramurals begin soon, and sign-ups are available in the Rec X office. The games promise to be action packed, and are the perfect way for budding basketball stars to show off their skills without having to try out for the highly competitive collegiate programs here at VWC. The 5 V 5 basketball intramurals occur in the spring semester. The basketball tournament is always intense and exciting to both watch and compete in.
Intramural wiffle ball is also underway. Wiffle ball is one of the most popular intramural sports nationwide, but it is a sport that tends to be forgotten in comparison with major sports such as football and basketball.
Wiffle ball is a variation of baseball, but it has its own identity because of the difference of equipment and rules. The games are held outside of Village I, next to the sand volleyball courts.
RecX also offers a billiards league that students can participate in. The league is set up in a tournament style and promises to be highly competitive.
Each intramural sport has record standings and the winners receive intramural champion shirts, which provide an incentive for individuals to compete. Intramural sports are an integral part of many students’ campus life, allowing individuals to showcase their talents while providing a healthy outlet for stress relief, and the opportunity to make new friends.
RecX provides intramural sports to create opportunities for students to become active within the Wesleyan campus creating life outside of dormitories. Between video games and social media, it is difficult to create healthy active events that appeal to students and provide exercise.
RecX intramurals create a platform for actively interacting through sports and different events, and is definitely one of the standout programs provided within the Marlin community.