Juliette Coffey secures first ODAC title in Women’s Golf

For the first time since the 2020-2021 school year, there is a full Golf team at Virginia Wesleyan University. This year, in his second full season as the head coach, Director of Men’s and Women’s Golf Tom Hall was able to recruit a full roster of first-years from all over the world. In doing so, he picked up a remarkable talent, Juliette Coffey. 

At the 2024 Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) Women’s Golf Championships, Juliette Coffey, a first-year from Woodbridge, England won the individual golf title in a two-hole playoff against Emily Brubaker from the University of Lynchburg, the 14th ranked player in the country. During the three-day championship held in Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club in Front Royal, Virginia, Coffey shot 77 on the first day, 78 on the second day and 75 on the last day. 

Both Hall and Coffey were ecstatic about the win, although this was unexpected for Coffey, especially since she didn’t take the lead until the very end of the third day. “It was not what I expected to do my freshman year, but I am really happy that I did,” Coffey said. 

Hall expressed his excitement in watching her win. “For her to accomplish this success in just her first year at VWU is incredible. There was a great sense of pride and happiness for her,” Hall said. 

The journey to winning the title was difficult, as Coffey explained that she was not playing her best golf in the fall and had a specific goal for the spring season. “My goal for the spring was to shoot consistently in the 70s and for the most part I did that, but I did not believe I would win ODACs,” Coffey said. 

Hall said Coffey has a great work ethic, commenting on the extra work she puts in on her own time. “She spends extra time in the simulator and on the putting green on her own,” Hall said. 

Both Hall and Coffey know and hope that this win will bolster recruitment for the golf program, especially for the women’s team.

“This championship and the attention it has brought to the program is overwhelming. I am hoping that women from all over the country will want to be a part of the success of the program,” Hall said. 

Coffey echoed similar words. “I hope that this will be something that draws in others to come and play at VWU in the future. It is definitely a selling point and maybe it will draw in some good players, so we can build a strong team,” she said.

Coffey will not be on campus for the Fall 2024 semester, since she will be studying abroad. However, she does hope that she can improve throughout her college career, which would include a trip to Nationals. When I get back, I will be excited to get back into it and improve,” Coffey said.

Look to see if the Marlins can maintain this momentum and continue to improve as a whole in the fall and in the spring of the 2024-2025 academic year. 

By: Colette Kearney