Junior Internship Spotlight

By Kaci Parker

Name: Allie Ketzler

Rank: Junior

Major: Recreation & Leisure Studies

Internship: Soccer Shots

Q: What is required of you at your internship?

I had to find a place that best suited my future job aspirations and a place where I could do 75 hours of interning. Also I have to keep a log of my hours and post on Blackboard every week.

Q: How will it benefit you in the future?

This will benefit me in the future because it allows me to obtain the knowledge and first-hand experience of what it takes to have my own business.

Q: What steps did you take to prepare for your internship?

I had to get in contact with Laura Bowers, who is now my boss. After we got in touch, we sat down and planned out what I will be doing as a Soccer Shots intern. We also discussed what I would like to learn from her and her business.

Q: Is this internship for course credit?

Yes, I get four credits.

Q: Will you complete an internship your senior year as well? And what do you expect to be different?

I will be doing an internship my senior year as well. The internship I am doing now is my junior year internship which prepares me for my senior year one. With my senior internship I expect to have more hours that I have to complete and be more active in the internship I choose.

Q: To you, what is the best part of your internship? What do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy setting my own hours with Laura; I also enjoy how I get along with all the Soccer Shots staff. I am not just an intern for her and do her “dirty” work, meaning all the stuff she doesn’t want to do. I am hands on helping with setting schedules for the upcoming seasons and learning about the business aspect which makes me feel helpful within her business.