Kappa Alpha: Members now classified as ‘alumnus in bad standing’

On February 25, 2015, the members of the closed chapter of Kappa Alpha were notified by the national Kappa Alpha office that they would now be classified as alumni in bad standing.

The letter, which was sent to the members of Kappa Alpha, indicated that the brothers would be extremely limited in what they would be able to do with their fraternity.

According to the letter, the classification of alumnus in bad standing forces the Kappa Alpha members to do the following:

  1. You may not participate in the organization of or attendance at any KA event on or off campus, nor associate as a group under another name;
  2. You may not wear KA apparel or paraphernalia on campus;
  3. You may not join another national social fraternity;
  4. You may not transfer and become an Active member in good standing with another chapter as long as you remain not in good standing;
  5. You must remove all references to Kappa Alpha Order and Epsilon Omicron chapter from any online profiles or communities including any and all postings, photographs or videos showing KA activities. Alumni not in good standing are prohibited from acting in any way as individual members or as a chapter or organized unit of the KA national organization. KA holds a trademark for “Kappa Alpha” as used in connection with fraternities and/or fraternal organizations. Alumni not in good standing of Epsilon Omicron do not have KA’s permission to use the Kappa Alpha trademark.

Moreover, the letter explains that further punishment could arrive if members do not abide by the rules above.

“Failure to abide by these requirements may lead to major offense charges being filed and possible expulsion from Kappa Alpha Order.”

Upon graduating from VWC, members of the VWC Kappa Alpha chapter can, “…submit a letter requesting to be listed as an alumnus in good standing, along with proof of graduation and solvency with the chapter.”

However, the Kappa Alpha national office does not guarantee that a member’s classification will be changed from a bad standing to a good standing. The national office does assure the members who reapply for a change in membership status will have their materials looked at.