Local Music Scene Goes Live

Virginia Beach local band Dear Adamus has been making a name for itself in the local music scene for years. Its journey will continue with the release of a new album this year. The album’s title has been a well kept secret by the band, building anticipation for what will come next.

Over the years, Dear Adamus has progressed, discovering new faces and new sounds. Since founded by Raytheon Dunn in 2011, the indie/alternative band has grown in numbers. Today, members of the band include Dunn on rhythm guitar and vocals, Severin Dí Croce on drums and percussion, Chris Wilkins on guitar, keys, and vocals, John Callahan on lead guitar, and Chelsea Elliott on bass.

Since the release of their last EP in 2016, titled “Afterlight,” Dear Adamus released two acoustic Scenery Session videos. The first video released featured “Llewellyn,” a song from the 2016 EP, and the second introduced fans to a new song titled “Tired Eyes.” The new song holds true to the acoustic style that Dear Adamus has claimed as its own, featuring relaxed yet upbeat instrumentals matched with lulling vocals.

The most recent Scenery Session has left listeners eager for the new music to come.

“All of our music and even our name has been established from the idea of a dream, so expect something dreamy. The soft parts are softer and the heavy parts are heavier, with a lot more construction and diversity within the songs,” Wilkins said.

Though the band has been working on new music over the last year, it has still retained its live presence, performing locally and even taking its music outside the Virginia Beach area. It shared the stage with Starcoast and Bonne Chère at Shaka’s Live in Virginia Beach on Saturday, Feb. 4, and again at Strange Matter in Richmond two days later.

Local shows have allowed Dear Adamus to connect with fellow music lovers on and off the stage. Sharing the stage with other local bands has not only introduced them to new audiences but also developed new friendships, according to the band.

“[Starcoast] has always said that we’re their favorite band and they’re my favorite band. I would do anything for those kids. I’d love to see them go somewhere with us. It would be really cool to see some bands grow up from Virginia Beach because it’s been awhile since that’s happened,” Wilkins said.

Morgan Potter has been a longtime fan of Dear Adamus since she was first introduced to its music by Dí Croce. Morgan’s love for the music goes far beyond simply enjoying its sound. “They know I have disabilities and they get who I am, that I’m different. Some people don’t get that, but they do,” Morgan said.

Her mother, Megan Potter, has helped Morgan attend as many shows as they can. “They’re so kind, just genuinely. Light, kind, caring. So I think that their music will take them very far because their lyrics are true to what they do on this Earth,” Megan Potter said.

Dear Adamus has music available on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and iTunes. Follow the band on its journey by liking Dear Adamus on Facebook, following @dearadamus on Instagram, or @dear_adamus on Twitter.

Miranda Fein 

(Photo: Dear Adamus | Courtesy)