Love is just a click away

Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks in the past, some of you are still single, whether by choice or by bad luck. It’s not easy finding someone who shares the same interests as you and, if found, just starting up a conversation can be nerve-racking and difficult. Although there are many traditional and nontraditional ways of meeting people to date, one method that is growing in popularity is the use of online dating websites.
According to, Zoosk is ranked at the top, with eHarmony coming in second and as the third. These sites might very well be the most well-known websites because of the commercials and advertisements on TV and the Internet. Of course, there are other websites like and that also made the list, where people can go to find a potential date. In the modern world, there seems to be a dating website for just about anyone of any gender, race, and sexual interest, which helps users narrow their search and find people that they want to meet.
For those unfamiliar with Zoosk, it is a website that sends the user a group of profiles that might interest them instead of having the user search through the millions of profiles available on the web. With this, the site still allows a user to search through the profiles and also features a scientific matchmaking service, which revolves around matching profiles that have the same or similar preferences. This website is used in more than 70 countries, and tops the charts here in North America.
eHarmony is next on the list and may be the most well-known of the three. This dating website is more for singles seeking out serious and long-term relationships, and claims to be responsible for 2 percent of marriages in the U.S. In order to use this service, a dater would have to take a long and comprehensive test about himself. These results are then used to find other singles who are similar or will provide what might be missing. is similar to eHarmony in that it has you take a test in order to join, but the difference is that uses a personality test that serves as a starting point for the website. This lets the website begin sending you profiles that share similar answers and preferences. There are also a lot of features such as being able to attend events held by the website or even DateSpark, which allows single users to set up a perfect date with someone who shares the same interests.
So whenever you need to find a date and want to move toward finally leaving your single status behind, try using one of these dating websites, or any of the limitless others that are now flooding the web. They could turn out to be fun and stress-free, and who knows, you might actually meet the person of your dreams.