Marlin swimmers dive into history

The Virginia Wesleyan Women’s swim team won its first ever collegiate swim meet with the final score of 105-47 over Randolph. The men were outlasted by the men’s team for Randolph.  

Virginia Wesleyan University made history on Saturday, Oct. 21 by having their first swim meet in the history of the school. The pool was packed with around 150 to 200 people, for this first match that had been a long time in the making.

Since the Jane P. Batten Student Center was built, the pool has been used by swim teams across the area except for a swim team from Virginia Wesleyan. “It is appropriate that after having a world class facility like the Batten Student Center for 15 years and a magnificent natatorium that we finally have an intercollegiate athletics team that can make use of that facility,” President Scott Miller said. “For 15 years, we have allowed local high schools, clubs, and organizations to use our outstanding natatorium. Now we are putting it to full use in the Virginia Wesleyan community,” Miller said.

“Also we are grateful for the donations from Butch Everett and John Lingo who provided the seed money that allowed us to start the program a year ago and enabled us to buy the equipment, uniforms and hire a coach. And for the seed money that enabled this first season to go off in such a strong manner,” Miller said.

Corey King