Marlins Declassified


  1. Seniors, if you have not ordered your cap and gown for graduation on May 20, email Elaine Aird at or call her at (757)455-3310 to place your order. The only thing needed is your height and weight. Your account will be charged with the fee for graduation. – Information provided from an email from Elaine Aird
  2. Seniors, if you are wondering how to import your VWC email into a personal Google account, you can contact the help desk. They will provide you with a document that gives instructions on how to import everything into your personal account. As of now, there is not a time frame that determines how long students are allowed to keep their VWC email addresses, but the Help Desk is working to provide a time frame to students. – Information provided by Terry Critser Jr.
  3. “Start saving and investing in your future early. Although you will want to have all the money from your first paycheck….take advantage of your company’s retirement plan.” – Jason Seward, assistant vice president for student affairs
  4. “Keep in mind that the first job you get is likely not going to be what you want. Do it anyway. Even if it’s cleaning toilets. Learn from every job you do and learn to appreciate the people that do them. You never know what you’ll use to achieve your dreams.” –Kristi Lafoon, administrative assistant
  5. “Don’t give up because something seems difficult. If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for.” –Chris Creameans, administrative assistant to the registrar

Jasmine Driggs