Marlin’s Drumline

Virginia Wesleyan now has marching band. Sophomore Alexis Threat is the brains behind the new club. Threat had done marching band throughout high school and was sad that she wasn’t able to do it college. She decided to get a marching band started at the school after learning about some other students on campus that also wished there was a marching band. Some of these students were considering transferring to a school with a marching band. That’s when she knew that she had to do something about that issue.

After doing some research Threat learned that back when president Greer was in charge of the school, there was a pep band but there weren’t enough students involved in the pep band, to keep it running. Although this is the first semester that the band has started, Threat has prepared a lot. She started getting prepared for the marching band last spring. “I got all of the information together that I needed to get a marching band started and talked to President Miller as well as Jason Seward and Kate Griffin,” she said. She also had to make sure she had a few people that wanted to join last semester so that they could start getting everything the band together this fall. Since the semester started the band has been practicing often and will be playing at a few basketball games coming up and are hoping to perform in some local parades this spring. “I to participate in parades off campus so more people can know about Virginia Wesleyan.”

Although the marching band has started practicing already, there is always room for new members. “My saying is if you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach,” Threat said. Anyone is welcome to join, even if they’ve never played an instrument. Threat hopes that the marching band gets everyone’s support and that they come show their support when they perform off- and on-campus.

Cynthia Griffin