Meet SGA: New year, new leadership




Student government is definitely not a boring group to be part of. Student students might have a lot on their plates, but at the end of the day, SGA is helping out the campus community by making changes that aim to benefit all students by creating a better living and learning environment.

This is exactly what Eddie McDonald is part of. It’s important to know who is helping your voice as a student to be heard by the administration. Eddie is a junior at Virginia Wesleyan University and he is a current co-captain of the VWU Swim team.

McDonald “grew up in Kailua, Hawaii [and has] lived in Chesapeake for the past 7 years.” To this day, he still has a love for the water and Hawaiian soda, which is conveniently sold at the Poketastic near the VWU campus.

He seeks to become a “ reforestation forester for the United States Forest Service, [and hopes] to get involved in local politics once [he] settles down.” This goal was further helped by the fact that McDonald spent the summer in Idaho working with the United States Forest Service.

McDonald is passionate about many social issues, such as “mental health, environmental sustainability, and justice,” all of which are areas in which he hopes to make improvements for the VWU campus. “Creating positive change in my community is of the utmost priority to me!” McDonald said.

Outside of SGA, McDonald is a big fan of the movie “Tarzan,” and said that he “would always pick it out from Blockbuster” for his family’s Friday movie nights. You can catch McDonald longboarding around campus at any time of the day, so might as well stop and chat about “Tarzan” with him.

McDonald loves this campus and this is why he tries, as the president of SGA, to make it a better place to be in. His “favorite part about campus is the old growth forests and the trails we have through them! Going for a walk is a great way to decompress after a busy day!”

Need to bribe McDonald? It’s helpful to  know that his favorite meal is breakfast. A  plate of pancakes and an iced coffee go a long way when putting McDonald in a good mood.

According to McDonald, SGA is going through many changes because of the work that he and Vice President Mueller have put in. 

Before McDonald became president, Mueller was the head of SGA. They have worked hard to transition SGA from a student council to more of a “fully functioning student government.” Stay up to date with this transition through instagram and following issues of The Marlin Chronicle.

By Adrien Vinot Prefontaine