Men’s throwers top ODAC

When it comes to track and field, shot-put and weight throw are two events that tend to be overlooked. However, throwers Coby Cockrell and Quentin Webert have made their presence known as they top the ODAC in the weight throw.

The success of the men’s track team, and specifically the shot-put and weight throw events, put these two on the map: Cockrell in his freshman season and Webert in his sophomore season.

Cockrell currently sits in first place in the ODAC for the weight throw with a mark of 15.06 meters at the Vince Brown Invitational. In addition to that, he also sits in second place for the shot put, with a mark of 13.88 meters at the 2019 Collegeville Classic.

Freshman leadership can be a rarity amongst many teams but Cockrell has stepped

up to the plate. He has embraced his teammates and his optimistic mindset has the team steamrolling.

“It takes a lot on all of us to be where we are if we look at it in terms of the team as a whole, but I think that when we all just go out and try to be better than the day before, that’s when we shine as a team,” Cockrell said.

The understanding of his teammates and seeing the potential of the overall team has Cockrell at the top of the ropes. Cockrell also goes a step further and even breaks two records but still insists on involving his teammates.

“I’ve broken the weight record, and indoor shot-put record, honestly I believe the team as a whole comes down to all the talent and drive. For example, in the weight throw me and Quinton have been trading the record back and forth driving it up and up. I don’t believe it would be where it is without the competition amongst the team,” Cockrell said.

Cockrell’s teammate Webert is another pound-for-pound guy who gets it done in every match. Webert currently sits in second, only behind Cockrell, in the weight throw with a throw of 14.76 meters at the Captains Invitational.  

The young core of the men’s track shot-put and weight throw team is shining and blossoming and appears to be a dominant force for years to come.

The talent and internal competitiveness within the team keeps them humbled and wanting to get better every single day.

Josh Gray