Misinterpreted Media/Problem Postings

By Taylor Boyd

The golden beacon that is technology is how we communicate with one another today. I am talking

about social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and for those of you who still have an active account;

Myspace. We hear all the time about conflicts between people rising due to ambiguous posts and comments also known as “subtweets”. We fear that our friends are talking about us so we start confrontation immediately. Granted, half of the time we are assuming, and you know what they say about those who assume. We get mad at posts that may have nothing to do with us but because we think they pertain to us, we become defensive. Personally, I keep to myself for reasons like this. I try to

only write just about myself and my feelings, however even that can be misinterpreted. It seems that we

will never escape the realm of accidental assumptions and misinterpretations, because naturally that is

what we do. I think the lesson here to is be rational at all times when dealing with social media, and all aspects of life for that matter. The shoe may fit well, but it may not always be for us.