M&M Exploration Fair presents colorful opportunities

Featured ImageOn Sept. 28, the Major and Minor Exploration Fair featured various subjects. Professor Gavin Pate and sophomore Elena Lichtenwalner head the English major booth at the Major and Minor Exploration Fair on Thursday, Sept. 28 in Batten.es with her piece, “Russian Sage, Carmelite Monastery, Santa Fe.” McKenna Howenstine | Marlin Chronicle

For many college students, choosing the proper major and minor can be an unnerving task, with several questions about their personal interests and career prospects often weighing heavily on their minds. However, through the efforts of the Learning Center and The Lighthouse Center for Exploration and Discovery, the Major and Minor Fair, or the M&M Fair, provided students with the extraordinary opportunity to explore their vocational options and chart their career paths on Thursday, Sept. 28.

The Batten Student Center featured booths that showcased Virginia Wesleyan’s 42 majors and 31 minors. The fair welcomed all: first-years, undeclared students and those who wanted to look at the opportunity to add a second major or a minor to their college curriculum.

Students were given the chance to engage with faculty members, advisors and peers, who shared firsthand experiences, offering their knowledge about the academic journey within each department. While some students approached the academic booths with hesitation about the majors they wanted to pursue, others were clear about what they wanted their future careers to look like.

Even though international student, Ryouto Kagami, chose History as his major prior to

transferring to Virginia Wesleyan, he decided to attend the event to take a closer look at other

academic programs.

“I think [the fair] is a good opportunity for students who are not yet sure what they want to study,” Kagami said. “There is a lot of information available about each field and professors who specialize in different topics to guide you.”

Coordinator of International Studies and Professor of Political Science Dr. Modupe

Oshikoya and senior Kainaat Trehan ran the table for both Political Science and

International Studies. While the Political Science major focuses on examining and critically analyzing ideas, behavior and culture in domestic and foreign political systems, the International Studies program emphasizes the relations among states within the international system, including the roles of state and non-state actors.

Each Spring semester, Oshikoya runs the Model United Nations course at VWU which aims to provide students with an understanding of the operations of the United Nations, a

comprehension on multilateral diplomacy and cooperation among countries, to solve specific

issues in today’s international politics. During the M&M fair, Oshikoya invited students to join the class regardless of their major, since having students with academic backgrounds beyond

Political Science attend the conference in New York City “will make the team even stronger,” Oshikoya said.

The Major and Minor Fair at VWU not only offered a new perspective on the many academic options available to students, but also highlighted the importance of lining up for a college education with future aspirations. It not only recognized the significance of self-discovery, but the transformative power of higher education as well.

Sophomore Inès Pouliquen shared why having an event like the M&M Fair is vital for students who are still indecisive about their academic aspirations.

“It’s important that VWU continues to create more events like this because it supports the student community and helps them focus on what we like when there are so many options,” Pouliquen said.

Through information about academic programs from professors and other faculty members, students had access to multiple careers and fields that helped them expand their knowledge, identify their strengths and interests and how those aligned with various fields of study.

As students left the fair with newfound clarity and enthusiasm for their academic paths, it

became evident that this event was much more than an informational gathering—it was a pivotal

moment in their educational journey. The Major and Minor Fair continues to serve as a beacon

of guidance and inspiration for VWU students, helping them shape their futures one M&M at a time.


By Daniela Angeles Galvan