Mold at VWU: a timeline

2018: Smithdeal Hall

Mold has once again appeared in Smithdeal Hall and other rooms throughout Allen Village, formerly Village II. Several students reported coming back from a break in preparation for Hurricane Florence and finding mold on the walls, beds and floors. Several students have come forward with concerns about their health.

2017: Bray, Allen and Brock Village

Nearly one year to the date of the last mold outbreak on campus, students once again began seeing spots on their bathrooms, windows, walls and vents. One junior in Brock was particularly displeased with the mold in the dorms, which she called unhealthy and unreasonable living conditions.

2016: Smithdeal Hall

An “unwanted visitor” paid students a visit during Fall two years ago in various residence halls, one of which was Smithdeal Hall. Keith Moore said staff from Resident Life and the physical plant were working diligently to address the problems. Moore also said that the cause of the mold was the unusually large amount of rainfall that season.

2013: Bray and Allen Village

In May 2013, students reported multiple problems that “plagued” Bray and Allen Villages, formerly known as Villages I and II. Among these problems was an outbreak of mold, faulty dryers and termites. According to former vice president of operations Bruce Vaughn, a lack of funding prevented the school from fixing the underlying causes.

Mickella Rast