Most Valuable Players

It’s been an eventful past few weeks, hasn’t it? While we were on campus, dreading paper due dates, the world was spewing out accomplishments and disasters alike. Even so, a few MVPs managed to squeak out through it all. I present to you, the top three MVPs.

  1. The Employee Who was Fired from Twitter: This person, whoever he/she/they may be, is the true MVP. On the customer support employee’s last day at the micro-publishing platform, the employee deactivated Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account. For 11 glorious minutes, the world was free from limply-worded tweets from the former The Apprentice host. A Trump-free world is up high on my list, right between a lifetime supply of french fries and meeting Rihanna. While it couldn’t last long, it was still noticed by supporters of Trump as well as his many opponents. It was eventually restored and we’ve been subjected to countless and pointless tweets of his ever since. Hey, they do say happiness doesn’t last forever…
  2. Virginia Legislature: If you didn’t get asked, “Did you vote today?” on November 7th, I consider you lucky. Regardless, it is VERY important to exercise our right to vote. And on this day, history was made in the name of progress. The first Asian American woman was elected to the state’s General Assembly, as well as Danica Roem becoming Virginia’s first transgender legislator. This is a pretty big deal, considering her opponent was very anti-LGBT+. Virginia also elected two Latina women to the General Assembly. These accomplishments brought national attention to the Commonwealth. And I say it’s about damn time. Virginia has always been a state that to me seems stuck in stagnancy. But finally, people are seeing how amazing diversity can be for change. Virginia also went blue, signaling that Democrats are in charge of the House.
  3. Everyone Without an iPhone: Recently, Apple released the newest overpriced phone and of course, the masses flocked like sheep to get first in line. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are the newest smartphones to join the family. Specs for these models include wireless charging, Face ID, all-screen display, more water resistance… wait, I’m basically describing a Samsung phone. All in all, we “droid” users have had all of these features for years. The screen for the new iPhones, a technology called organic light-emitting diode (OLED) has been used by Samsung for multiple generations of the Note and Galaxy families as opposed to LCD screens. Wireless charging has been around with Samsung as well, including facial recognition systeming. The only actual discerning difference between the Samsung smartphones and the new iPhone X is the fact that it is all glass. Now, as someone who has friends where 80% of them own iPhones, over half of their phones are cracked. I have a friend who breaks her iPhone constantly, yet still buys the newest one. The company deemed it to be their strongest phone ever, but it has quickly been determined to instead be their most breakable. There are already Twitter horror stories of iPhone users breaking their precious new purchases. I think I’m going to stick with my Galaxy S7. I have dropped this thing so many times and it STILL has not shattered. I also don’t have that weird glitch with the box when I type. So, have fun catching up to Samsung technology, Apple users!

Wynter Bond