Mud games return after brief hiatus

Virginia Wesleyan University held the traditional mud games event Sept. 24 at Rose Lawn on campus. Both students and staff formed teams to compete for first place as they engaged in relay races in the mud. The winners received an award of $250.

Team Dwarves placed first. This team consisted of seven members including junior Moeno Sawai and junior Risa Yanagita, who are both foreign exchange students. Since this was their first time participating in mud games, they did not expect to place a winning position. “We were very surprised. We are really glad to be winners,” said Sawai. 

This event consisted of several games that included dizzy bat, egg walk and crab walking through the mud. Teams won individual races as they completed these tasks faster than their opposing teams. “I have never gotten dirty like we got in the game before, so it was really fun and exciting,” said Yanagita.

Sarah Guzzo, director of student activities, hosted this event for the first time since she became director back in the fall of 2019. This traditional event was not hosted last school year due to COVID-19 safety regulations. In discussion of Mud Games Guzzo explained that it was important that they brought back this activity because of the bond that occured between the student and staff population.

“This activity is just a good morale booster, if you’re participating you’re having fun and it’s also a team building event for the group you’re competing with and if you’re just there to watch it’s so entertaining,” Guzzo said. 

For information on future events being hosted by student activities, view the Student Activities instagram @dir_of_stu_act or follow along with the weekly school announcements sent to your university email.

By Jade East