New tutors of the game

Candice Gindle
Staff Writer

This year, the Athletic Department has experienced some big changes. The most significant changes are the hiring of three new coaches. With a new head field hockey coach, as well as new head and assistant men’s soccer coaches, these teams might be headed in new directions.
The new field hockey head coach Christina Restivo has been coaching for 11 years, with six of those years at the collegiate level.
The new head coach of the men’s soccer team, Christopher Mills, has been coaching at the collegiate level for the past six years, as assistant and associate head coach here.
The new assistant coach of the men’s soccer team, Evan Scheffey, has also been coaching soccer for the past six years, but with a mix of high school, club, and collegiate level experience.
Because the soccer team has Mills and Scheffey as new coaches, it provides the opportunity for them to enter this season with a clean slate.
“There is always a transition period when you begin working with a new coach, whether it be a new head coach or assistant,” said Scheffey. “I really like the vision that Coach Mills’ has for the future of the team.”
The new coaches are adjusting well, due to the college community’s welcoming nature.
“When I visited the campus on my interview, I was blown away by the people I was able to meet,” said Restivo. “President Greer and Dean Buckingham made time to meet with me, along with countless other faculty and staff members. My first impression was that this is a close community and one that I would be proud to be a part of.”
Although there was some nervousness among the coaches, the college has worked hard to make the coaches feel
welcome, which has not gone unnoticed by the coaches.
“There is always a little nervousness that comes with a new situation and new setting,” said Scheffey. “But from day one of being at the college I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with the campus, staff, coaches, and players alike.”
The coaches have even entered their new positions with support for one another, maybe because of inspiration from their surroundings.
“Coach Scheffey will do a great job as the Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach,” said Mills. “He has been in coaching for a few years now and really knows the game. Anytime you can have an assistant with credentials come to a program, it will do nothing but benefit everyone involved.”
With the support of the college community, each of the coaches has felt comfortable enough to start planning for the current and upcoming seasons.
“I plan to lead this team by establishing discipline, work ethic and overall understanding of the game, while making sure that we are a fundamentally sound team,” said Restivo.
While Restivo finds her coaching tactics to be more about developing character, Mills is focusing on the opportunities that lie ahead for him, his new assistant coach and his team alike.
“The thing that I am most excited about is having the opportunity to bring new and fresh ideas to what I have already learned from other coaches,” said Mills.
Each of these tactics is anticipated to lead to successful seasons for both sports teams, as well as build pride within the college’s community for these sports.
“We have the opportunity to show our college, community, and friends that we are creating a new field hockey culture, one that our alums can be proud of,” Restivo said.