Now trending: #campusdeals

Kayla Brown
Staff Writer

As college students we’re always trying to find ways to save money. Besides gaining an education and possibly having a cool job in the future, being in college actually does have other benefits, especially when it comes to deals. All you have to do is show your school I.D.
Some have already taken advantage of these benefits. Sophomore Andrew Petrey uses his I.D. at the Regal Columbus Theater near Town Center, to receive a discount before seeing a good movie. Movie tickets prices are continuing to increase, so be sure to pull out your I.D. when you’re purchasing a ticket. After ordering your meal at Qdoba, all you have to do is show your I.D., and you’ll receive a free drink with your order. Sophomore Amari Agee, ensures she receives her free beverage whenever she goes to Qdoba, since that’s the only place she’s aware of that gives student discounts.
“I wasn’t aware that you could use your student I.D. to receive discounts, If I did, I would’ve used it,” said Sophomore Melissa Powers.
For those who weren’t aware of being able to receive discounts by using your student I.D., then hopefully you’ll start to take advantage of some of these opportunities. Also, if you’re unsure of a location giving discounts, you can either look online or just ask when you’re making a finally purchase. Just remember to always carry it on you.
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