Opinions on potential TikTok Ban

Illustration: Mars Johnson|Marlin Chronicle

Brittneyann Hoover ‘24

“I think the efforts being used to shut down the app could have the potential to be better used towards some of the current, more pressing matters.”


Onyxx Johnson ‘26

“A lot of people have been using their platform to fight back against the system. However, it’s likely no action will be taken.”


Sydney McDonald ‘26

“It would be disappointing because it has grown as a platform all around the world. TikTok offers the opportunity to express humor, display informative content, allows people to receive currency, and more!”


Kimberly Koscinski ‘25 

“We should address concerns about things like user privacy and child safety without banning TikTok entirely.”


Joshua Spicer ‘24

“I think if TikTok is banned by the federal government, it would be good, as hopefully less children and adults will be ingrained into endless ‘doom scrolling’ and will engage with more outside of their phones.”