Port Day success

The Lighthouse is known for the help that they give students with undergraduate research, study away opportunities and career guidance. The one thing that ties all of those things together is Port Day. Port Day is a Virginia Wesleyan event that is held each semester. On Port Day there are no classes, meetings or athletic events. This semester, Port Day was held on Dec. 4. Each school holds a session where students share their work through a oral presentation. During the sessions, students have the opportunity to show the work that they have done while conducting undergraduate research, working at an internship or completing a senior capstone project. Aside from the academic school presentations, there are also poster presentations. Each Port Day there is a special session for students to display and present academic posters. The poster range from topics of senior capstone projects to internships. While the day was free of class and meetings, it was full of student academic success.

Cynthia Griffin