Pub N’ Club at Vdubb

By Chantel Sills

Pub n’ Club is an event thrown by the Student Government Association (SGA). It gives students a safe club atmosphere with the added convenience of not having to leave Virginia Wesleyan’s campus.

The first Pub n’ Club event took place last spring semester. With the change in the social policies on campus, social life dwindled. To address this new problem, SGA 2014-2015 members made it their mission to come up with an alternative that would liven up campus life while also bringing it together. It took a lengthy discussion and planning process but it ultimately led to the creation of Pub n’ Club.

The name Pub n’ Club was intended to represent both the pub side of the event with drinking and karaoke and the club side with DJ music and dancing. Karaoke, good drinks, great music, dancing and socializing are all to be included in this free event.

“I thought the event was very well attended. The music was upbeat and fun and it was cool that they were serving drinks, but I wish there had been an option to have mixed drinks,” Taylor McIntosh said regarding her experience of the event last year.

McIntosh had another suggestion for how the event could be improved. “I think they should have sign-ups for karaoke because the DJ allowed the same person to go multiple times in a row even though people were waiting.”

Junior Brianna Carter also attended the last Pub n’ Club and said she had a wonderful time. She enjoyed the good music and beer but felt that it was a little empty.

Both juniors were around when parties on campus happened every weekend, and feel that Pub n’ Club is a good first step to getting back the social life on campus.

Freshman Dennis Johnson also attended the last Pub n’ Club.

“I really liked it. It was one of my first events with a party atmosphere that I experienced on campus where everyone here came together,” Johnson said. “I plan on going to the upcoming one because I expect it to be just like the last one and if it is I know I’m going to have a great time.”

With the near nonexistent social life on campus, many look forward to this event each semester.

“I think it’s a beneficial event because I came here as a freshman not knowing many people and after I attended the event, I felt more secure with my peers at this school,” Johnson said.

Senior SGA member Jessica Seymour explained why Pub n’ Club is not a frequent event. “We don’t have them as often because they are costly. And with fewer events, we have larger funds to put into the ones that we do host.”

With the event occurring once a semester, students should definitely come out to participate. Even though there are a decent amount of students at each event, the amount of students that come out is a small part of the campus community.

“I really wasn’t sure what it was until I got there, and I didn’t hear much about I just saw a lot of flyers,” Johnson said.

The next Pub n’ Club event will be held on Saturday, April 23 from 10:30 p.m. until 1 a.m.