Residence life transforms with a new staff

Ralph “RJ” Chittams: Director of Residence Life
RJ is a Lynchburg College graduate.

Q: Why did you decide to bring your talents to Virginia Wesleyan College?

Chittams: After working at University of Utah and the Northern University of Alabama, I realized that smaller schools were for me. I am in love with the smaller community where I feel that the impact I make is more beneficial.

Q: What new ideas/changes do you and the new staff intend to make?

Chittams: The new staff and I are promising to uphold the expectations students have when dealing with ‘res’ life. We are promising consistency for each student every day.

Sarah Hammill: Associate Director of Residence Life and Village III Coordinator
Sarah graduated from State University of New York Fredonia

Q: What are your responsibilities as Associate Director?

Hammill: I am personally responsible for Village III where I oversee the staff and the decisions which are made regarding Village III living. I am also training to become a deputy coordinator for the Title IX program which I am extremely excited about.

Q: What should students be excited for from this new staff and from the new Title IX deputy coordinator?

Hammill: I personally am hoping to make Res Life fun and enjoyable for all the students as well as getting the students involved in the activities and programs we are deciding to put into place.

Rachel Lambert: Village I Coordinator
Rachel graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in August of 2016.

Q: How is the transition from student at Virginia Wesleyan College to now full-time employee?

Lambert: I was in an RA position here at Wesleyan for two years, and I feel like that is one big reason why this transition was easy for myself. I loved being an RA so this position just felt right and completely 100 percent.

Q: What made you decide to come back to Virginia Wesleyan College residential life?

Lambert: I felt I can make a larger impact on students. I also wanted to give back to the school that I felt I owed so much to once I graduated and in the end Virginia Wesleyan was an all-around better environment for myself.

Tiffany Lennon: Village II Coordinator
Tiffany graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in May of 2016

Q: What made you decide to come back/stay with the Virginia Wesleyan College residential life program?

Lennon: Well, to be honest I was not planning on coming back here; however, I was asked by Ashley Jones if I could help them out. So a favor for a friend turned into a full-time job opportunity and I am grateful I was able to help.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a student at Virginia Wesleyan College to now an employee?

Lennon: Student and staff relationships are some of the greatest I have had; however, nothing will compare to a staff-to-staff relationship here at Virginia Wesleyan and I am extremely grateful for those.

Josh Ford: Village IV Coordinator
Josh graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in May of 2016.

Q: How do you enjoy being the Village IV coordinator?

Ford: They are definitely more of the older students where we share a lot of similar interests and I find it is easier to connect with them especially the upperclassmen since they are preparing to graduate and enter the real world.

Q: What does the transition from student to employee at Virginia Wesleyan College feel like?

Ford: I think being a student first, then coming in and becoming a full-time employee, is a unique and good position. I have been in these students’ shoes so I know the problems they face and situations they go through.

Brianna Kidwell