Ring Ceremony marks beginning of end of some college careers

Rayven Davis
Staff Writer

On Saturday March 16, 14 students gathered to follow in the steps of past graduates for the annual Class Ring Ceremony.
The students were joined by their families and friends as well as faculty and staff to take part in the intimate celebration.
The ceremony included words of wisdom from members of the school community such as the Vice President of Academic Affairs Timothy O’Rourke, student representatives and the Dean of Students Keith Moore.
O’Rourke spoke on the importance of the class rings. He pointed out that the rings are metaphors that represent something greater.
“These rings are a representation of a bigger circle, outside of Virginia Wesleyan that you will all be a part of very shortly,” O’Rourke said, relating the rings to the outside world.
The ceremony recognized the heritage and the symbolism behind the ring ceremony. For seniors, this is also one of the first events beginning the countdown to graduation.
“Virginia Wesleyan has been a really rewarding experience for me,” said junior Amanda Hyre.
Senior Anderson Brown also spoke at the ceremony spoke about the history of class rings and said that they were a reminder to everyone who wears them to be a model of “Bring a spark, light a fire.”
The Student Government Association (SGA) funded and coordinated the event ,working closely with their two advisors Moore and Director of Student Activities Jennifer Mitchell.
“This event was long awaited, we’ve been working really hard for a long time,” junior SGA representative Tim Pepper said.
This is one of the many events that has become tradition for the community and will live on in years to come.