Senior Internship Q&A

Amanda Mikajlo

By Kaci Parker

Name: Amanda Mikajlo

Rank: Senior

Major: Political Science and International Studies

Internship: Governors Fellows Program

Q: What is required of you at your internship?

I had taken my internship in the summer. I interned at the Governor’s office in Richmond, VA. During this time I worked directly under the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s in the department of Restoration of Rights. Restoration of Rights is a process that a convicted felon can go through to have their civil rights of voting, sitting on a jury, becoming a notary, and holding a public office returned. This internship also allowed me to attend conference like meetings where each week one of the Secretariats in the Governor’s office would come and speak to the fellows about what they do and how they got to be where they are. My internship allowed me to travel outside the office and watch Executive Orders being signed as well as sitting in and listen first hand to the Governor making press releases.

Q: How will it benefit you in the future?

This internship will benefit me because it taught me how the workings of a state level government worked. The benefits I received from this internship taught me how to work in an office place, interact with coworkers in a professional manner, and how to make positive changes in people’s lives. Working in Restoration of Rights showed me how much voting means to a person, and the amount of work they are willing to do to get that right back.

Q: What steps did you take to prepare for your internship?

To become on the Governor’s Fellows, a long application is needed as well as an interview process. The application itself involves about four essays, a resume and cover letter. If your application is chosen as one of the top applications, you are then invited to a panel like interview. The Governor’s Fellows are then chosen from the top applicants who did well on the paper application and interview. I was one of 24 chosen.

Q: Is this internship for course credit?


Q: Did you complete a junior internship as well? If so, what was different?

Yes, I interned and still currently intern at the Norfolk NATO Festival. This internship focuses more heavily on the influence and educational benefits of having NATO here in the Hampton Roads area. Norfolk NATO Festival is a family and children oriented organization that wants to honor all the things that NATO has done for the local community.

Q: To you, what is the best part of your internship? What do you enjoy the most?

To me, the best part of Norfolk NATO Festival is getting the opportunity to speak with and meet the amazing men and women that keep NATO alive and functioning here in the Hampton Roads area. Getting to speak with them on a less professional and more personal level is an opportunity that I feel honored to have. The Norfolk NATO Festival also hosts the NATO Day Parade, at this event families in Hampton Roads area get to speak with and experience a little bit of each of the 28 NATO countries in the comfort of Norfolk, Virginia.


morgan mMarlyn Silva/Marlin Chronicle

Name: Morgan McKenzie

Rank: Senior

Q: Why are you graduating early?

A: I realized last year that it would be possible to graduate early and was also stressed about my financial standing. I knew that I could save thousands of dollars in loans if I tried and so I did.

Q: How will this benefit you?

A: Again, this will benefit me in the future as I will have less money to pay back. It might also give me a leg up when applying to graduate school.

Q: What are a few drawbacks?

A: It is inconvenient that I need to pay upfront for my overloaded credits but I know that it will be better in the long run.

Q: How did you go about the process?

A: I just took one summer of classes, two winter session classes, and a full course load every semester. It’s actually very easy to graduate early from VWC if you decide to when coming in. If you take 18 credit hours every semester you can knock off a semester.