Senior Night Ends in Defeat

On Oct. 18, the Marlins volleyball team took the court against the Knights of Southern Virginia for their senior night, but the night did not go as the Marlins would have hoped.

The Marlins headed into the contest against the Knights with a record of 13-12 and 4-4 in conference play.  The Marlins went back and forth with the Knights the whole first set.  The Marlins took the lead late 22-21, but ended up allowing the Knights to go on a four point streak to close out the Marlins in the first set.

The second set was a head scratcher for the Marlins for sure.  The Marlins jumped out to a quick lead and it looked as though they would not give it up.  The score was 20-12 when the tides turned for the Marlins. The Knights went on a huge run and re-gained ground on the Marlins.The Marlins scored for the first time again when the score was 20-19, making it 21-19.  After that the Marlins scored three unanswered and were stopped once again at 24.  The Knights then went on a run of there own and tied the game 24-24. The Marlins and Knights trade points to make it 25-25, but after that the Knights score two consecutive points to take match two.

In match three it was more of the same. The Marlins and Knights went back and forth the whole game. The Marlins biggest lead of that set was two points. The Knights tied the game late 19-19, and once they tied the game they never looked back. The Knights went on a streak of five unanswered points which gave them a 24-19 lead. The Marlins got a point back, but immediately following, the Knights ended the set with a final score of 25-20.  This loss for the Marlins put them at 13-13 on the season. The Marlins will be back in action again at Hollins University on Oct. 22.


Kills: Dare Wright (8) Tiffany Barrett (8) Doneisha Hall (8)

Assists: Meghan Wood (21) Emilee Pierson (14)


Kills: Penny Gwynn (16) Hannah Allred (14)

Assists: Valerie Baety (22) Alexandria Felkins (18)

Corey King

(Photo: Anthony Dellamura | Marlin Chronicle)