SGA announces new Vice President, plans for semester

By Thomas Mills

Last night, SGA laid out their semester long plans in their first official meeting of the new year.

Led by SGA President senior Imani West, the student-run organization hit the ground running, revealing ambitious plans to help make the VWC student body and campus better.

The first order of business was announcing the new Vice President of SGA. The organization has gone through two different candidates in the past three months, leaving a significant leadership void for the student governing body.

West decided to pick senior Owen Wilson, a political science major, to take on the duties of Vice President.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with him before,” said West. “He’s an Iraq veteran and brings a lot of insight to the campus.”

A plethora of issues were brought up during the first meeting. However, most of the topics centered around two major complaints: campus internet speed and food.

Regarding the internet complaints, SGA revealed that the college is looking into implementing a “valve” to users who are gaming and using streaming services.

The idea is to give priority to students who are using campus Wi-Fi for academic purposes. All other activities will be throttled so that internet speeds would not face any significant slowdown.

The student body also discussed food. Last semester, SGA was able to convince college administration to allow food trucks on campus during operating hours, giving students an alternative dining option at VWC.

SGA advisor and Dean of Students Keith Moore said they would like to have Bro’s Fish Tacos, a local food truck, to come on campus one Friday a month for “Fish Taco Friday.” Moreover, he brought up talk about bringing Kona Ice, a Hawaiian shaved ice truck, to come on campus during the warm months of the year.

Despite this, no plans by SGA have been put into place for food trucks coming onto campus.

The organization remains confident, however, that food trucks will be arriving this semester to the VWC campus.