Some recreational learning

Recently I have been reflecting on all my college experience more often than I did before. I am very happy to be majoring in Psychology as I find it fascinating and challenging and it allows me to learn something new. I would never want to change my Psychology major for something else, but I have thought that if I were to ever become a double major, I would also major in recreation and leisure studies. A lot of people would look at me and laugh when I say that or put on a simple smirk. But I believe being a recreation and leisure studies major could never be a lame decision.

As a recreation and leisure studies major you will be taught how to interact with people in a positive fashion. This alone requires skills in public speaking and communication. Recreation and Leisure Studies majors are exposed to countless fields in the professional world such as hospitality, medicine, tourism, travel, therapy and rehabilitation. This makes the major broad enough to literally be applied to anything. This is also one of the reasons I chose Psychology.

I just personally think it would be cool to be able to enter the business of anything travel related. You would have the upper hand in understanding the ins and outs and the pros and cons of different types of travel. If you are a college student, that is one thing we would love to do, even if we worry on how we can actually have a job that mixes both business and travel. Well I feel that this major is certainly a good option for that.

Business and finances can be taken into consideration when  you’re a Recreation and Leisure Studies major, as leisure is something we as a culture love to do. You have the potential of learning how to start your own business in this field as well if you’re interested, as there are many classes on management that you can take while you’re in this major.

Are you an animal lover? Because animals certainly are a part of people’s pass times and many different types of animals can be apart of leisure or even recreational therapy.

Not to mention that many of the classes you take are both fun and interesting. They cover a variety of topics such as dancing, swimming and sports.

So the next time someone gives you a smirk when you tell them you’re interested in being apart of the recreation and leisure studies department, keep moving forward and feel free to school them. This major is worth it

Taylor Boyd