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After some draft picks, a great playoff run and a comeback from one of the most skilled Quarterbacks in the NFL, the Cincinnati Bengals are going to the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams. 


In the NFL Draft of 2021, Cincinnati Bengals added Penei Sewell and Joe Burrow’s teammate at LSU, Ja’Marr Chase. Chase was a great addition to the team, reinforcing good field chemistry between these two friends from LSU and also adding to the team a good playmaker that can help the offensive line. 

When these decisions were made, many people did not seem to be convinced of this team. Some even called the Bengals a cheap franchise that does not want to win. This is very unfortunate for these haters, due to the fact that with the less money spent, they are now in the run for the first title in their entire organization since the creation of this team in 1967. 

However, their opponent for this Super Bowl is not an easy opponent. Matthew Stafford, QB for the Los Angeles Rams, is likely going to demonstrate why he is one of the best QBs in the NFL. He already made a statement when he defeated Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Also, despite the slow start of Odell Beckham Jr. with the Rams, as of right now, he seems pretty focused and the last few games, OBJ has been playing very nice.  

What I am expecting for this Sunday’s football game is to see very good action from start to end. Burrow has been ‘on fire’ in the playoff games and the Bengals are a young team and they have good chances to win it, if they play smart like they did when they defeated Kansas City Chiefs. 

Nonetheless, we have a group of experienced players from the Rams and many of them are looking forward to having that first ring, especially OBJ. Despite being once one of the best WR in the league, this is his first Super Bowl appearance.

By Steven Serrano