On Oct. 13, Kyrie Irving, a professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets, made his decision to not get the vaccine.

Kyrie Irving, point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, released a statement that he
was not going to get vaccinated because he thinks that is just about freedom of what he wants to do. He has not been able to play in any of the games this season due to the state mandates. As of right now, his team is 7th after being ranked the No.1 in the off-season.

The Nets are not doing bad this season but when you see the games, you can see that the team is missing that unique style that Irving brings to the court.

Irving was not the only one who expressed his opinions about the vaccine.
Before being vaccinated, forward Andrew Wiggins, from the Golden State Warriors, tried to submit a religious exemption to the NBA and the organization declined it. He chose to get vaccinated and as of right now,
the Golden State Warriors are 2nd in the Western Conference.

I am not saying that this is what Kyrie Irving has to do, but, I think that he has a responsibility with the team that he needs to fulfill. He is losing money and team chemistry because he has not been able to play any games this season.

Some fans are saying that it is his choice to decide what to do with his own life and others are saying that he is putting at risk the chance for Brooklyn Nets to be championship contenders.

I have to say that it is a little bit exaggerated, the season just started and
playoffs are next year in May most likely. I can understand the frustration of some fans not seeing Irving play, but they just need to relax and wait because the season started a month ago.

Also, I do not think that Irving is going to just sit back for this season and let his team play without him. Some players and even the coach have already stated that they would welcome back Irving even if unvaccinated, so it all depends if state mandates change.



Kyrie Irving has stated that he is neither pro-vaccine nor anti-vaccine and that he was aware of the consequences of his decision. Members of the Brooklyn Nets were required to get the vaccine according to New York City’s COVID-19 mandate. After Irving’s decision, the Nets decided to not allow Irving to practice or play with them until he complies with the city’s
mandate. However, he made clear that he is not upset at the NBA, his teammates or the Nets and that he hopes to return to play with his team.

In my opinion, it is odd that he would not take the vaccine knowing that he would not be able to play in any home games and possibly away games. I understand that it is his choice to not take the vaccine, but I believe that he has not considered all the consequences of his choice. For one, he is losing money, $300,000+, but he is also sacrificing his shot at a championship
ring. Not saying his team cannot do it without him, but considering Irving is
part of the list for the top 20 players in the league he brings his unique talent to the team that could potentially lead them to a championship.

I also think the situation is overhyped because this is not the first time the
NBA has dealt with players not wanting to get the vaccine. Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards does not believe it will protect from the virus; Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic thinks it is a personal choice and it should not result in bullying; Michael Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets does not want to get it because he does not know how his body will react to it.

Overall, I think the NBA and the Nets should let this play out. It is only the beginning of the season, and championships are not until next year. Fans
will be frustrated but it is a state-mandated rule, and Irving chose not to follow it. For right now, the Brooklyn Nets will have to play without their superstar Kyrie Irving.


Image Courtesy of Emily Uzzle | Marlin Chronicle