Staff Spotlights: Familiar faces around campus

Audwin Harris
Enrollment Counselor and Deputy Diversity

Favorite Thing about VWU:
“The interactions with the incoming students and seeing their progress from the shy 12th grader to a confident freshman.”

Elyse Rosen
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Favorite Thing about VWU:
“There are a lot of things I love about VWU, working here and being a part of the community. I think overall, my favorite thing is that we get to truly have fun with our students and fellow staff members.”

Crit Muniz
Executive Director of Academic Support Services

Favorite Thing about VWU:
“My favorite thing about my job is meeting with students and helping them problem-solve. Then sending them off knowing they can take ownership of their success.”

James Evans
Support Services Lead, Aramark Facilities Management

Favorite Thing about VWU:
“I’ve gone to college. I’ve worked on other campuses but Wesleyan is like no other. The people have heart and feel like family.”

Brandon Foster
Therapist in Counseling Services

Favorite Thing about VWU:
“I have always felt that this community is like a family to me, even when I came for my first tour as a prospective student.”

By Kylea McCarel