Student organizations preview


Debate club is a place for discussing different views, not attacking others. People of all different backgrounds come together to hear different points of views about a variety of topics. We discuss topics including, but not limited to, forms of discrimination, current events, world problems and whether or not a hotdog counts as a sandwich. In Debate we learn, we don’t compete. Everyone is welcome to attend Debate meetings no matter what your views are!

-India Khanna 

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union strives to be the voice of the students at Virginia Wesleyan University. In addition to expressing the needs of students to administration, we also do things such as host social events for the entire campus, provide intellectual dialogue and emphasize community service. 

This past year BSU had over 230 community service hours and won Outstanding Student Organization Award for 2020 which we are extremely grateful for. People should join the Black Student Union if they want to make a difference on Virginia Wesleyan’s campus. We have fun but we also do our work to provide a complete education for minorities as well as students as a whole, and to reach the community at Virginia Wesleyan and outside of campus.

-Michael Perry

Marlins Go Green breaks ground on Marlins Meadows in front of Greer.

Marlins Go Green

Marlins Go Green (MGG) is the environmental and sustainability club at VWU. Marlins Go Green’s initiative is to make strides for awareness and sustainability on and off campus through education, activism and volunteer opportunities.

Global sustainability conundrums can be overwhelming especially in the uncertain times we are currently living through. Now more than ever it is essential that we each find our way to contribute to a better tomorrow. You can choose to take small steps that collectively have a much greater impact. MGG has had a successful year with campus engagement and getting involved on and off-campus. 

Some of the highlights include breaking ground on an interactive campus meadow “Marlin Meadows,” partnerships with local organizations such as the Sierra Club and Elizabeth River Project and engaging fundraising events such as the vegan bake sale. We even celebrated Earth Day virtually this year commemorating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the sustainable stewardship of VWU through the years. Marlins Go Green has some big plans for the 2020/2021 academic year including progression on Marlin Meadows, activism events, on-campus activities, clean-ups, field trips and more!! 

Students are a core component to advancing sustainability at Virginia Wesleyan, and we invite each of you to join Marlins Go Green! Connect with us on Instagram @marlinsgogreen. For any inquiries, please email

-Ashley Roehrman 

Marlin Ministries

Marlin Ministries is an interdenominational body of Christ followers who are welcoming to students, including those of little to no faith background. We host over 20 groups each week including YoungLife, Life Groups, Cru and InterVarsity. We are truly a family and we strive to foster community between students through our Marlin Ministries Longue, our ministry residence hall and other informal gatherings. While we love to hang out in the Marlin Ministries Lounge, we strive to go outward and team up with his many groups as possible. Having teamed up with Wac, Marlins Go Green and Spectrum. We want to not only make students feel accepted, but loved for who they are and the gifts that they bring. With our many conversational groups, we strive to have everyone’s voice be heard, and everyone’s opinions valued.

We hope that the reason that you choose to come out to one of our events is that they’re fun, engaging and get you thinking. While we hope that you come out to one of our fun outreach events like WILD’s Capture the Flag or our Welcome Week at the beginning of the year, we also hope that you will stick around for some of our other groups. Overall, we have lots of fun events, a strong community and groups that will make you think about questions that you may have never even pondered. 

-Justin Robbins

Connor Merk