Students Demonstrate on Campus

By Rayven Davis

“This has nothing to do with college bashing,” said junior Molly Fanney. “This is about not brushing this issue [sexual assault] under the rug. One in four college aged women will experience a sexual assault situation. It’s a huge, huge issue.”

Statistics differ on the number of sexual assault cases involving college-aged females. 1 in 4 college women versus 1 in 5 college women is currently in discussion from The National Domestic Violence Hotline and The New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault states, respectively.

Campus has been responding in numerous ways including attending a Community Council meeting on Thursday, Oct. 16. These responses include: social media declarations and campus-wide meetings.

After the Community Council there was a demonstration led by Fanney. Participants included: members of greek organizations, sports teams, club members and supporters of their cause.

Junior Glenn Rose said “This is an overreaching problem of people not getting their justice. Title IX needs to be refined, it isn’t working. We can do more as a private college. These crimes don’t just go away like Kony 2012, this has been going on for years.”

Fanney also said “This [demonstration] is how laws are enacted, by putting new policies in place so this never happens again. The school is getting a bad rap. We’re upset someone was indisputably sexually assaulted.”
Another participant in the demonstration Junior Alex Pouder said “I think we are still a community but, we all have flaws and if we don’t recognize that this [sexual assault] is an issue the issue will grow.”

Pouder also responded to the social media that has erupted surrounding the case and said “I think that it shows that Jane Doe is serious and that the college will be scared of something like this happening again.”

An anonymous source said “This is all one side of the issue. Everyone is forming opinions without enough information. And I don’t think that people understand how this process works and we have no idea what procedures were followed.”