Take a walk in their shoes for a day: Freshman Jessica Quinlan

Community Editor

The beginning of a new chapter in one’s life can be nerve-racking, and freshmen year can be intimidating. Intimidated is exactly how Jessica Quinlan felt on her first day here.
As an incoming freshman, there are goals to achieve and expectations to meet. It can seem overwhelming and frustrating to live up to these standards and it is difficult not to crack under pressure.
Specifically, Quinlan has a variety of goals that she hopes to work toward this school year. Some are academic-based while others are personal, such as meeting new people, making new friends and getting involved on campus.
“One of my main goals is to work hard on the [volleyball] court and in school,” said Quinlan. “I want to keep a good GPA, at least a 3.0.”
Jessica is experiencing an obstacle that some students face multiple times throughout their undergraduate education. She is struggling with time management because it is challenging being a student athlete.
“Sometimes I feel like I miss out on fun activities due to being a member of the volleyball team,” said Quinlan.
Having only been in classes for a short span of time, she is learning to adjust and her routine seems to be falling in place.
“So far, freshmen year has been what I expected. The schoolwork is not overwhelming and I am interested in my classes, although they are long and I cannot stay awake,” said Quinlan.
During the time that she has spent here, Quinlan has found it surprisingly easy to make friends. This happens to be one of the reasons she is happy she chose this school.

“I am surprised at how friendly everyone is,” said Quinlan. “There is a sense of community; you can walk around campus and everyone says hi, even if it is just in passing and you do not know them.”

Just like any freshman she is looking forward to her senior year.
“By senior year I want to be sure of my major and know my career,” said Quinlan. “I want to enjoy my last year and have fun because I know that it will go by fast.”
It is true that freshmen year can be one of the most stressful times, but it is also a fundamental step toward a great achievement; their diploma. Quinlan certainly has her focus on making it to graduation, and freshmen year is the exciting start to that very worthwhile journey.