Take a walk in their shoes for a day: Senior Alex Ousley

Community Editor

When it comes to senior year, one of the most common things a student does is look back on their journey through college. One of the most obvious contrasts they tend to make is from freshmen to senior year, because there are great changes during this transitional period.
Senior year becomes bittersweet because a chapter of their life is coming to an end as new opportunities await around the corner. This is how Alexander Ousley feels as his senior year is coming to a head and his college career finishes in a few short months.
“On my first day of freshman year I was a little nervous yet as excited as can be,” said Ousley. “[A]nd now as a senior, I feel less stress more than anything,” said Ousley.
As with any student, Ousley has expectations for his future. He is ready to leave college with a diploma and a new outlook on life.
“Freshmen year, I expected college would be a place to enjoy myself and grow as a person and now as a senior I feel like my journey is done but another one is about to begin,” said Ousley. “It is scary that I am almost done and [will be] on my own soon.”
This transition helps to define goals and teach life lessons that otherwise would not be taught. The hardships of the college experience builds character.

“As a senior the courses become harder and more time consuming because it is a lot more of individual work,” said Ousley. “You have to make out of school connections and find time to get your work done

Looking back at this period in life comes with regrets. It allows students to see mistakes, even if they cannot be fixed.
“If I could change anything I would have become more involved on campus. I would have made a difference sooner,” said Ousley.
What becomes important is the fact that we have the eyes to see these realizations. Dwelling on them will not change anything, but simply allowing others to see the errors in our ways shows maturity over time.
“If I could go back four years ago and give myself advice, I would tell myself that school is everything and [would] not sell myself short,” said Ousley. “I would have acted more mature and not what people saw me as.”
While senior year tends to fly by, it is important to realize that it helps shape us into the person we will be as we leave college. Our experiences are the path to commencement.