Thank You.

This is not a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘thank you.’
To all of you who lent your voice to the stories we told, we appreciate your contributions. The Marlin Chronicle is nothing if not a finger on the pulse of the community we serve.
To all of our readers, we appreciate your support. We hope we did you all proud in serving the Marlin community in an academic year characterized by adversity.
To everyone from our students to our administration, we’re grateful for your candor and your continued support for an editorially independent outlet.
In all of our coverage – ranging in scope and severity – we treated every task with the utmost responsibility in objective investigation and ethical reporting. To the entire Marlin community, we hope that shows in our work this year.
We entrust the same responsibility to the incoming Marlin Chronicle team, and we hope you do the same.
Sincerely, The Marlin Chronicle wishes everyone a very happy and healthy summer.
As always, it’s a Great Day To Be A Marlin.
Alex Powers                Nicholas Mundy
Editor-in-Chief          Managing Editor