Thanksgiving across campus

During the middle of November, there’s a rush of excitement for college students to get a break from the cruel assignments and head home to the turkey. However; for students who live far away, going home for Thanksgiving is not always an option.

“I look forward to going home for Thanksgiving; I’m from Baltimore, Maryland,” senior Symira Wilkins said. “While it is not that far away, it could be worse, I can only imagine what students go through who live further away than I do go through, if they’re able to go home at all.”

The approaching holiday causes some students to share with each other how much they cannot wait to sleep in their own beds, have home-cooked meals and see their old friends from home. Yet simultaneously, a good number of them are anxious about interactions with parents, siblings and friends because of issues of criticism and acceptance, because of the way things used to be and the ways they have changed since coming to college.

While many students do not look forward to being hammered with questions about grades, graduations and future plans, others may be excited to see family members that they haven’t seen in a while. Freshman Taylor Hawk hasn’t been home since the summer.”I have not been home since I started the semester in August. I’m so excited but kinda not,” Hawk said. “The questions are going to come fast and they will be up close and personal while I love my family they can be overbearing, I’m sure I’ll wanna be back on campus by Friday.”

Virginia Wesleyan has students from China to Delaware, from France to Texas and back again. Some students who are far away from home may not have the ability to travel for the holiday and have to stay on campus.”Students can stay if they need to, however dining services are closed. This is because dining services runs whenever classes are being held, no classes in session, means no food being made,” says Director of Res Life David Stuebing said. “Those who have kitchen access are in luck, it’s a little simpler for them, but those who do not should definitely come talk to us at Resident Life!” Stuebing said.

Campus during the break will remain quite boring and dull, so those who cannot make it home should prepare to be alone and most likely starving. Some professors and fellow students are nice enough to open the doors of their homes to their friends and favorites to share a meal of thankfulness with their students, while others will have to warm up another cup of noodles, counting down the days to Winter break.

Ashllee Spurlock