The Advice Tank

By Richard Cremin

Dear Advice Hank,

I enjoyed Thanksgiving with family and friends but now, finals are approaching and I now have to get all of my work completed by this week. I don’t know what I’m going to do. There’s just no way I can get this stuff done. Should I just give up and try again next semester?

-Contemplating Later Graduation

Dear Contemplating Late Graduation,

Unfortunately, it’s not worth it because you’ll still have to complete the work only at a later date. First step: prioritize. Make a list of all the rest of your assignments and goals for the rest of the semester, include how many page numbers you must accomplish, if there is a requirement. Then, make a day by day schedule broken down to the hour and get ready to fill it in. Start with the assignments that will take the longest and plan for some major time on those. Fill in your “break time” from your bigger assignments with roughly 30 minutes of other assignments. Stay productive, if you find yourself falling asleep with your eyes open take a cold shower, eat an apple, something to keep you going. Also, if you are going to naps the Mayo Clinic recommends only napping for 10 to 30 minutes, sometime during the midafternoon. My last piece of advice is to find the best spot for studying for you. It may not be the library, it could be one of the lounges around campus or a deserted corner.

Rest Easy and Good Luck ,

Advice Hank