The Fun Zone brings new activities to Virginia Wesleyan’s Campus

Fresh into a new start for the semester, a new organization has been formed at Virginia Wesleyan University called the Fun Zone. 

This club is a collaboration between the University’s own Student Activities (which holds many of the University’s events and activities) and the recreation department. Both parties work together to plan events and activities for students to participate in and get involved. 

Freshmen Melina Cabral and Matt Hardy are the Fun Zone’s supervisors, and they work together to lead this organization and its events on campus. 

The basis of the Fun Zone is getting students to come out and participate to win activities and challenges and earn points. The points a single student earns will add up during the semester, and the two students with the most points will win prizes such as an Apple Watch, Air Pods, and more. 

Events are held every week, and there are always flyers posted in the Batten Center and around campus along with frequent emails sent out by Student Activities with all information needed. 

The Fun Zone recently put on a push-up contest which took place on Feb. 3. The contest  was hosted in the Batten Center hallway from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Students participating in the contest were required to do as many push-ups as they could in one minute to earn points toward The Fun Zone. 

The Fun Zone also hosted soccer juggling, a hula hoop challenge, a jump rope contest, a paper airplane contest and a 3-point basketball shootout as well. The Fun Zone has many more events soon to come that students can look out for, including a stand-up paddle board yoga event in the pool. 

Senior Xavier Hess participated in the push-up contest. Hess stated that he participated because he used to do pushups for ROTC, but hadn’t done push-ups continuously in a long time and he was curious to see how he would do. 

“I was very excited for this contest and enjoyed the competitive atmosphere a lot. My goal was to do as many as possible,” said Hess. He said the most he had ever done was 82 in two minutes. 

During the competition, a timer was set and Hess ended completing 55 pushups in one minute. Hess stated that he had been waiting for this event for a week and was the first one there to compete. Hess also mentioned he is looking forward to any other fitness related activities in the future. 

Hannah Carmona, an event supervisor for Off the Hook, stated that, “The Fun Zone is a fun way to help get students up and out of their rooms and get them going and active, to participate in new things and meet some new people.” 

She stated that she enjoys the events that the Fun Zone puts on and hopes that more students will want to get involved and come out with a positive experience to share.

With the current COVID limitations on in-person events, the Fun Zone is a good way to be a part of ongoing events on campus, step out of your comfort zone and have a chance to win some nice prizes. Since there are activities to compete in every week, there is plenty of opportunity to participate and win challenges and earn some points. 

Students can find more information about upcoming events for The Fun Zone by keeping an eye out for new flyers or by following @vwurec and @marlinsoffthehook on Instagram.

Kimberly DeHart