The Great MC Debate: Hillary Clinton

I think Hillary Clinton is by far the best candidate in this election. I don’t believe she should only be voted for as a way to vote against her opponent but rather because she is the most qualified candidate we have ever had. She has devoted her life to providing accessible healthcare and childcare. She is going to fight to overturn Citizens United in order to get rid of the big money influence in politics, she will defend Planned Parenthood women’s health care and she will fight to put an end to for-profit private prisons. Clinton is a workhorse, not a show horse.

In 1979, Hillary Clinton was appointed as the chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee in Arkansas. In addition to the radical scholarly articles she had put out at this time, she also began to expand medical facilities to make healthcare more accessible to Arkansas’s poorest people without raising the fees of doctors. Meanwhile, you could find Donald Trump enforcing policies that prevented black people from renting apartments in his buildings.

Later on, Hillary Clinton joined her husband in the White House as First Lady and began pushing for everyone in the United States to have affordable healthcare. Though this failed, she then pushed to create a program called SCHIP (the State Children’s Health Insurance Program) which has essentially provided healthcare for approximately 8 million children in the U.S. This is a great example of how Clinton never gives up. Instead of giving up after failing at remaking the entire healthcare system, she came back and created health care reform for kids in need. If we look at Donald Trump during this time, he was in New York City actively advocating for the execution of innocent black boys in the 1989 Central Park Five Case.

We can then move ahead to 9/11 where then Senator Hillary Clinton of New York could be found on the front lines during the crises and then found fighting to achieve improved benefits for the first responders. Donald Trump on the other hand was fighting as well- fighting to ensure the 9/11 tragedy benefited him and was busy firing people as a reality TV boss.

Now we can take a look at what Secretary Clinton has been doing more recently. She successfully  worked with President Obama to rebuild the United State’s reputation world wide. She gets along well with not only Democrats but also Republicans. This can be seen when she became a senator in New York and had to work with both a Republican mayor and governor. This is an important quality to have in a president because without the ability to work with both parties, nothing can ever get done. We need to wake up on Nov. 9 to a president who will help our country thrive and make sure that important issues like racial injustice and climate change are no longer swept under the rug but rather will be at the forefront of every mind throughout our country.

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Bayli Foley