The Marlin Undertow

By Aoife Branco

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Looking for inspiration? Looking to regain a little faith in humanity? Follow Kid President. Donning an adorable suit and tie, ten-year-old Robby tweets inspirational videos, photos and messages that he calls pep talks. Kid President constantly reminds people to give the world a reason to dance.

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Watch this:  Taylor Swift “Blank Space”

Taylor Swift addresses the allegations that she is a “serial dater” in her latest music video. The video features Taylor and her handsome lover romping around a lavish mansion, seemingly infatuated with one another. But, things go horribly wrong and Taylor starts destroying everything including his clothes and sports car. It’s hilarious and a must watch for T. Swift fans and haters alike.

Crazy-meter: Off the charts


Play this:  Hungry Shark Evolution

This iPhone and Android app allows you to play as an assortment of sharks as you navigate your way through the depths of the ocean. Your mission is to seek out and eat as many fish, swimmers, sharks and even scuba divers as is “sharkly” possible. However, land mines, stingrays and the occasional fisherman try to deplete your shark power. The more you eat, the more points you gain. Once you level up, you can upgrade into a better shark model.

Addiction level: Caffeine